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                      Environmental Policy statement


I am totally dedicated to and recognise that the protection of the environment  forms an integral part of our business objectives and is a prime responsibility of our management team.

Accordingly, our policy with regard to environmental issues is to:

  • Regularly assess the environmental impacts of its activities and, based on the results of the assessments, set annual objectives and targets for the continual improvement of the Company's environmental performance.
  • Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and those environmental standards and codes of practice to which it may subscribe.
  • Introduce appropriate procedures and systems to ensure the prevention of pollution and minimise its use of natural resources. These will include:
  • Measures to improve resource conservation.
  • Effective waste management, including reduction, re-use and recycling where practicable.
  • Use of control and minimisation of energy use as far as reasonably practicable.
  • Monitor our compliance with regulatory, national and Company standards and take action to ensure that compliance is maintained.
  • Ensure that all Company staff are made aware of its Environmental Policy and the requirements of its environmental management system by appropriate training and awareness briefings.

A copy of the Lionweld Kennedy Flooring Ltd environmental policy statement is on display on company notice boards and is available to members of the public on application to the Directorate.

The policy will reviewed at least annually for its ongoing relevance and suitability.


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Managing Director                                 Dated 31st Jan 2012                                  


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