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Falling Objects: The Dangers of Poor Ball Proofing

Lionweld Kennedy continue support for local charities

Celebrating Community Engagement at Lionweld Kennedy– Sustainability Week 2023

Sustainable manufacturing: what is it, and how is Lionweld Kennedy achieving it?

Steel Grating: A technical guide to our most popular access product

How Sustainable Is Steel?

Our Commitment to ESG at Lionweld Kennedy

Choosing from our GRP product range: what you need to know

Steel flooring: Choosing between Safegrid and Safedeck

GRP: Your Guide To Glass Reinforced Plastics

Guide to Ball Proof Compliance

Lionweld Kennedy: A Video Guide to Ball Proof Compliance.

Ball proof ratings and compliance with Standards

Why steel? Your guide to one of the most common construction materials in the world

Lionweld Kennedy takes part in their first ‘ESG Week’

Panel identification and installation of steel flooring.

What does slip resistance mean?

What is steel flooring and where should it be used?

5 Most Expensive Stadiums In The World

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