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When placing an order for gratings, what accessories should I also consider

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What technical requirements should I consider when choosing GRP grating?

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What is the resin type of GRP and are there others available?

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What is the minimum bearing for a panel onto support steelwork?

The minimum bearing is 25mm

How many clips are required per panel?

A minimum of 4 no. clips are required per panel – in cases where a panel spans over intermediate supports, we would advise fixing to every support.

What are the allowable erection tolerances between panels?

The following minimum clearances should be allowed for erection:- between grating panels sides = 3mm, between grating panel ends = 6mm.

How should the grating be supported?

All panels require fully supporting at each end ie the ends of the bearing bars.

What information do I need to provide to enable LK to provide a compliant grating?

  • Clear span between supports
  • Loading requirements, if different from BS4592
  • Ball proof requirements (20mm. 35mm or None)
  • Slip resistance (slip resistant, enhanced slip resistant or none)

When do I need to request a grating to be ball proof?

The maximum openings within a working platform or walkway shall not permit the passage of a 35mm diameter sphere, except where the working platform or walkway is above a place where people are working, as opposed to passing occasionally, then the maximum openings shall not permit the passage of a 20mm diameter sphere. If the grating is in a position where there can be no people passing beneath, (drainage trench at ground level, placed on solid floor etc) then the ball proof requirement can be ignored.

Slip resistance categories – when do they apply?

  • Slip resistant – shall be used in all areas where the risk assessment indicates foreseeable water wet contamination (external areas)
  • Enhanced slip resistance – Shall be required where strenuous activity (for example, pushing and pulling equipment) is routinely undertaken on floorings under water wet conditions.
  • No requirement – internal location with no foreseeable water wet conditions.

To what British standard are Lionweld Kennedy gratings manufactured to?


What type of clip should be used?

Lionweld Kennedy have a selection of clips to suit all applications. There are two main categories of clip – friction (which rely on clamping action to fix to support) and a positive clip (providing a mechanical positive fix to support). The friction clip can be used in most industrial applications where there is no excessive vibration or construction traffic. The positive fixings offer a much stronger connection for areas subjected to vibration in the main structure.

The standard panel size is noted as a nominal 6m x 1m, what are the actual dimensions?

Lionweld Kennedy grating panels are supplied in several geometry variations depending on their application. This results in several different bearing bar pitches, which effect the actual finished width of the panel. Taking this into account, panel widths can vary from approx.. 985mm up to 998mm. Please request actual panel width when ordering. The length of the panel is a minimum of 6m up to a maximum of 6050mm.