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Handrail & Stanchions

Saferail is a steel industrial handrailing system that has been extensively used throughout the UK on a wide variety of sites such as power stations, petrochemical sites, factories and industrial fire escape stairs.

Saferail can be provided as a fully fabricated system or in standard modular shapes to allow simple handrails systems to be pieced together with the support of tubular or solid bar handrail stanchions.

The range consists of handrail stanchions, handrail, gates, kick flat and a range of fixings and connectors, all designed in accordance with BS4592 and BSEN ISO14122


To complete the range, ladders and barrier rail (Heavy duty welded handrail systems) are also available


Design Considerations

BS4592 and BS EN ISO 14122 offers guidance on the design of your handrail system so below are some of the key considerations from the standards.


Platform Rail

  • Design height should be 1100mm from either the pitch line or the top of the floor.
  • Distance between rails to create an opening no greater than 500mm

Stair Rail

  • Distance from the pitch line to the centreline of the stair handrail should be between 900mm – 1000mm


Handrail Stanchion design drawing

Taking into consideration these design criteria, Lionweld offer Handrail

Stanchions with 500mm ball centres as standard on platform

stanchions and 450mm on stair stanchions with a variable tail length to suit your flooring height.


Lionweld Standard Sizes (Flat Base)

To ensure your handrail meets the key design criteria, Lionweld Kennedy offer a standard design to compliment our steel grating products up to 50mm deep.

The table below shows the tail length and the toe plate size required to ensure the lower opening remains within the 500mm limit and the handrail provides the minimum 1100mm overall height from the walking surface.

flat base stanchion

flat base stanchion

Lionweld Standard Sizes (Side Palm)

To ensure your handrail meets the key design criteria, Lionweld Kennedy offer a standard design to compliment our steel grating up to 50mm deep.  The table below shows the tail length and the toe plate size required to ensure the lower opening remains within the 500mm limit and the handrail provides the minimum 1100mm overall height form the walking surface.


side palm stanchion


side palm stanchion table

Tubular Stanchion Sizes

All stanchions are manufactured using S235JR grade material with a 3.0mm wall thickness.


Other sizes are available upon request.

Tubular Stanchion sizes
Stanchion SizeBall Size (nominal dia)Rail Size
25nb (33.7mm o/d)60mm Dia25nb (33.7mm o/d)
32nb (42.4mm o/d)60mm dia25nb (33.7mm o/d)
32nb (42.4mm o/d)75mm dia32nb (42.4mm o/d)
40nb (48.3mm o/d)75mm Dia32nb (42.4mm o/d)
40nb (48.3mm o/d)75mm dia40nb (48.3mm o/d)

Solid Stanchions Sizes

Solid Stanchions are manufactured using S275JR grade material as standard.

Solid Stanchions Sizes
Shank SizeBall SizeRail Size
32mm63mm33.7mm o/d (25nb)
38mm70mm33.7mm o/d (25nb)
38mm70mm42.4mm o/d (32nb)
45mm80mm42.4mm o/d (32nb)
45mm80mm48.3mm o/d (40nb)

Standard Base Plates

A wide range of base plates are available to accommodate various installation requirements.

Standard Base Plates

For dimensional information, click here


Heavy Duty Base Plate
Type A Side Palm
Type D Flat base base plate
Type D Flat Base
Stair base plate
Type NX Raked flat Base



Heavy Duty Base Plates


Heavy Duty Base Plate
GX Base Plate
Heavy Duty Base Plate
Type FX Base Plate

Removable Base plates

Removable Stanchions


For areas where it may be required to remove the handrail system from time to time, we can offer a removable stanchion. The Type E stanchion has a plain end with a collar welded to it. This stanchion is secured in place using either the Type J or Type H socket, dependant on the required fixing method.


Type E Removeable Stanchion
Type E Stanchion
Type J Removeable socket
Type J Socket
Removeable Handrail
Type H Socket

Bespoke Stanchions

Handrail Stanchions can be manufactured with many variations including single ball stanchions, 3 ball stanchions and can be manufactured with special base plates. Where necessary gate hinges and toe plate brackets can be welded to the stanchions.

Load Tables

To see the maximum allowable centres between stanchions, please see our Stanchion load table



Lionweld Kennedy offer a fully bespoke fabrication service for industrial handrailing to suit simple or high complexity designs.  We are able to manufacture handrailing for walkways, staircases and storage tanks whilst also allowing for non-standard connections such as welded joints.  All fabricated handrail is drawn using our CAD or Tekla software then fabricated and piece marked for easy on site erection.


Saferail is supplied as pre-galvanised tube as standard but is also available in hot dipped galvanized or self colour finish.

Modular Handrail Bends

Pre-fabricated handrail sections are held in stock to facilitate speedy deliveries, allowing simple handrail systems to be formed without the need for bending on site.


Handrail Ramp Bend
Ramp Bend
90° Handrail bend
90° Bend
Stair Return Handrail Bend
Stair Return
Platform return handrail bend
Platform Return
6.4m Straight length
6.4m Straight Length

Handrail Connectors

Expanding Connectors


Expanding handrail connectors are used for joining:- 25mm nominal bore (33.7mm OD), 32mm nominal bore (42.4mm OD), 40mm nominal bore (48.4mm OD) tubular handrailing.

The Handrail Connectors are simply pushed into the tube and secured by tightening the grub screw with an allen key. This type of connection is generally used for 3.2mm thick handrail.


Expanded Connector

Dowel Connectors

Each section of handrail tube is drilled and tapped to enable an M8 grub screw to be located between the groove of the connector and be secured into position. This type of connection is generally used for 4mm thick handrail.


 Internal Wall padDowel Connector


Toe Plate / Kickklamp

Toeplate is used to form a barrier to prevent objects falling off the edge of the walkway.  5mm flat bar is supplied in various heights (depending on the depth of flooring) to provide a 100mm high edge protection around the open grid flooring.

Toe plate can be either welded to the flooring or attached to the handrail stanchions using a U bolt or our innovative kickklamp system.

Kickklamp System  

KickKlamp brackets are a revolutionary system for fixing kick flat / toe plate to handrail standards. The basic principle involves gripping the toe plate with steel ‘forked fingers’ and fixing to the stanchion with a single grub screw.

Toe plate and fixings



K25 / K40 Connector k25 / k40 toe plate connector

K25 Used with: –

  • 25nb Tubular Stanchions
  • 32mm dia Solid Stanchions

K40 Used with: –

  • 32nb Tubular Stanchions
  • 40nb Tubular Stanchions
  • 38mm Dia Solid Stanchions

side palm fixing systemside palm

Alternate the KickKlamps (K25 / K40), fixing them to the top and bottom of the toe plate. On shorter runs, for extra security, use two KickKlamps per stanchion, one of the top and one on the bottom of the toe plate.



flat base fixing systemflat base

Fix KickKlamps to every stanchion on top of the toe plate and clamp down against the base plate of the stanchion.



toe plate connectors

To accompany the KickKlamps, corner brackets (KCB1 / KCB2) and straight connectors (KCB3) can be used to join the lengths of toe plate as required.


KCB1 Internal toe plate connector
KCB1 – Internal Connector
toe plate connector
KCB2 – External Connector
toe plate connector
KCB3 – Straight Connector









Kick  plate connection     

As an alternative method of fixing toe plate to a stanchion, the toeplate can be cut to size and drilled at each end to allow a bespoke bracket to be fixed around a stanchion and securing the toe plate in place.



Self closing gates are designed to compliment our saferail handrail

Full Height Self Closing Gate

system and are usually provided with an enclosed spring assembly, hinged to an adjoining handrail stanchion or bolted to a flat member such as an angle using a 65mm x 850mm x 12mm thick fixing plate.

BS4592-0:2006+A1:2012 requires gates to provide equal protection to that required for the surrounding guarding.  It should consist of a Handrail, at least one intermediate or knee rail and a toe plate.

This design criteria makes the traditional half height gate non-compliant unless it is being used at ground level where toe plate is not required.

Please visit our BIM library for details of our Full Height Gates and Half Height Gates


Contact our sales team on 01642 233299 or email sales (at) lk-uk [dot] com where an adviser would be happy to help.

alternatively visit our FAQ page.