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Safegrate is a heavy duty grating / open mesh flooring capable of withstanding vehicle loadings.

Safegrate has 9mm diameter round bar passing through the flooring at 100mm intervals and then spot welded on one side.  This provides the grating with greater lateral restraint when subjected to breaking and acceleration motions of the vehicle.

Mesh Sizes

Safegrate heavy duty grating is available in a variety of mesh sizes, bar thickness and depth as detailed in the table below.


Safegrate Heavy duty grating for vehicle loadings

Load Bearing Bar Centres (A)Transverse Bar Centes (B) Load Bearing Bar Thickness AvailableLoad Bearing Bar Depth
20, 25, 33, 40mm100mm5, 6, 8, 10mm30 to 100mm

Specifying Safegrate

For information on specific loading criteria, you should contact our technical team on 01642 233297 or email technical@lk-uk.com with the following information

  • Maximum wheel load
  • Maximum clear span
  • Length and breadth of the tread contact area
  • Any restrictions on the depth of grating.


Safegrate is used where vehicles are likely to pass over the grating such as:

  • Vehicle wash areas
  • Loading bays.
  • Boat landings
  • Offshore oil rigs where trolleys can be pulled across the grating
  • Data centres.


Due to the nature of vehicular loadings and their lateral forces, it is recommended that a positive fixing solution is applied to Safegrate.  It is standard practice to weld fixing pads to the grating, allowing it to be positively fixed in to position.

Heavier sections may not require fixing down if placed within a self contained rebate, stopping any lateral movement.

welded pad for positive fix
Welded pad

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Following the government mandate on BIM level 2 requirements throughout the supply chain for all government funded projects, Lionweld Kennedy have built on our existing processes to become fully BIM level 2 compliant. Our internal processes are aligned with the requirements of PAS1192-2:2013 to ensure full BIM compliance and ensure we are prepared for fully collaborative working practices in line with specific client requirements. Using our primary BIM authoring software Tekla Structures, which is aligned to our in house manufacturing processes we have developed our comprehensive BIM object library available for download.

Login in to our BIM section to obtain: –

  • Data sheets
  • 3D Models
  • IFC Files



Contact the sales team on 01642 233299 or email sales (at) lk-uk [dot] com where an adviser would be happy to help.

Alternatively visit our FAQ page.