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The number one choice for steel grating and open mesh flooring in the UK is safegrid.  It is used extensively in the design and manufacture of raised platforms, mezzanine flooring and steel walkways on many industrial applications


The British standard contains 35mm and 20mm ball proof requirements for steel gratings.  This means that the traditional 41/100 grating is no longer compliant in many applications.

Lionweld Kennedy has invested a significant amount of time, effort and resource in to creating a new range of ball proof gratings, offering the most economical solution for your open mesh flooring requirements.


New Safegrid Product Range

LK 35mm Ball Proof

  • Walkways are used for access to machinery
  • Walkway where people may pass underneath occasionally

LK 20mm Ball Proof

  • Fire Escape Stairs, landings
  • Where people may be working below the walkway
  • Where the walkway is in constant use


LK Utility Grating

  • Walkways below head height and where people can not pass underneath
  • Shelving
  • Fencing


A full risk assessment should be carried out to determine which ball proof requirement needs to be applied to your grating.

Product Selector / Loading Information

Option 1: Click the link to use our Product Selector

Option 2: Use our Safegrid Load tables


Option 3: Contact our technical department on 01642 233297

Option 4: Email technical@lk-uk.com  with the following information

  • Ball Proof Requirements
  • Loading Criteria
  • Maximum Clear Span (open area between supports)
  • Select your surface type (plain or serrated)
  • Select your finish (self colour or galvanised)
  • Drawings (if available)



LK 35BP25x5125mmPlainGalvanised

Ball Proof Requirements

British and European standards have similar requirements for ball proof gratings: –


British Standard, BS4592-0:2006+A1:2012, states at section 5;

“The maximum openings within a working platform or walkway shall not permit the passage of a 35mm diameter sphere, except where the working platform or walkway is above a place where people are working, as opposed to passing occasionally, then the maximum openings shall not permit the passage of a 20mm diameter sphere. Where metal treads or landings are used for fire escapes, the gratings shall not allow the passage of a 20mm diameter ball.”


and European standard BS EN ISO 14122-2:2016, states at

“- Floorings of working platforms or walkways shall only have such maximum openings that a ball with a diameter of 35mm cannot fall through.

– Floorings above a place where people are working, as opposed to occasional passage, shall have such maximum openings that a ball with a diameter of 20mm cannot fall through. Unless the same safety is guaranteed by other suitable means, the maximum length of the openings shall be 100mm.”


A full risk assessment should be carried out to determine which ball proof requirement needs to be applied to your grating.


Ball ProofTransverse Bar Centres
LK 35mm125mm
LK 20mm100mm
LK Utility Grating - No Ball Proof Requirement125mm


British Standard, BS4592-0:2006+A1:2012, states at section 7 ;

“Slip resistant flooring shall be used in all areas where the risk assessment indicates foreseeable water wet contamination.

Enhanced slip resistance shall be required where strenuous activity (for example, pushing and pulling equipment) is routinely undertaken on flooring under wet water contamination.”


The slip resistance classifications are:

a) unsuitable for wet conditions       less than 0.4

b) slip resistant                                   0.4 to less than 0.6

c) enhanced slip resistant                  0.6 or more

The above figures are coefficients of friction (CoF).


Lionweld Kennedy can offer a range of serrated surfaces to provide the necessary level of slip resistance to your grating.



Plain flow forge open mesh flooring
Plain – Slip Resistant
Rolled serrated safegrid flow forge
Rolled Serrated – Enhanced Slip Resistant
landed flat with cross bars below the serration
Machine Serrated (transverse bar below the surface) – Enhanced slip resistant





*Machine serrated grating is only available with cross bars at 100mm centres.

Why Specify Lionweld Kennedy Gratings

All Grating Is Not The Same


Lionweld Kennedy are the only UK manufacturer of forge welded steel gratings and we offer unique characteristics for our grating.


Lionweld Kennedy gratings are: –

  • Manufactured from S275JR grade material, offering greater strength than our competitors
  • Standard materials are rolled merchant bar which maintains shape during fabrication
  • Merchant bar supplied to Lionweld Kennedy specified rolled down tolerances
  • Designed to offer the most economical solution for your ball proof requirement
  • BIM data sheets available for fabricated products
  • Supplied with full technical support and documentation to suit your project requirements
  • Available with associated access products, manufactured in house, including handrail, stanchions, gates, ladders and stair treads



A full design and fabrication service is available for all size of project ranging from 1m2 up to 20,000m2.  For larger projects, we have a comprehensive service offering, making Lionweld Kennedy the number one supplier of choice.

  • Technical back up from the only UK forge welded steel grating manufacturer
  • Standard or bespoke documentation pack
  • Project management
  • Weekly progress reporting
  • Full drawing service
  • Grating and handrail design
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) Level 2  compliant


Cut and Bind Fabrication
Simple Grating Fabrication
Complex Grating Fabrication

Stocks Products

Lionweld offers a large selection of Safegrid grating available from stock


6m x 1m panels.

These panels are open ended and can be supplied in a self colour or a galvanised finish.

*note: not all variations are a available directly from stock, please contact our sales team for more information



Stock Range
Panel sizeBall ProofBearing Bar DepthBearing Bar thicknessFinish
6x1mLK 35mm BP20mm3mmSelf Colour
LK 20mm BP25mm5mmGalvanised
1x1mLK 35mm BP25mm3mmSelf Colour

Frictional Fixings

Frictional fixings can be used to secure steel grating to the supporting steel work.

The fixing assembly consists of a universal bottom clip (Type 5), M8 hex nut, bolt and a top clip.

The top clip is interchangeable and should be selected to suit each particular open mesh flooring.



Type 5 Fixing Clip                           Type 5 grating fixing clip

  • 35mm Ball Proof Grating
  • Utility Grating



Narrow Top Clip                       grating clip

  • 20mm Ball Proof Grating




Positive fixings

In areas where the grating may be subject to vibration or lateral forces, it may be advisable to utilise a positive fixing clip.


steel grating positive fixing clip
Deep saddle clip with self tapping bolt
welded pad for positive fix
Welded pad


positive fixing for 35mm ball proof grating
Self Tapping stud (35mm BP Grating)
20mm ball proof fixing clip
Self tapping Stud (20mm BP Grating)


Panel Jointing Clip

To prevent grating panels becoming a trip hazard, the maximum deflection between adjacent panels is 4mm,

Panel jointing clips can be used to allow adjacent panels to deflect, under load, as one entity, thus enabling the user to design to a deflection limit of span/200 or 10mm whichever is the lesser, utilising a lighter, more cost effective grating.


steel grating panel joining clip

Clip On's

To increase safety on open grid flooring and stairtreads, Lionweld Kennedy have devised a system of simple clip-on bars. These clip to the top of the steel flooring bars and provide an instant anti-slip surface – no drilling, bolting or welding required.


This image shows clips ons can also provide a clear pathway for on the open mesh flooring for designated walkway or fire escape routes.

Standard colours are: –

  • 5mm Grating = Orange
  • 3mm Grating = Red

*any colour can be supplied, subject to a lead time.

clip on for flooring

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Following the government mandate on BIM level 2 requirements throughout the supply chain for all government funded projects, Lionweld Kennedy have built on our existing processes to become fully BIM level 2 compliant. Our internal processes are aligned with the requirements of PAS1192-2:2013 to ensure full BIM compliance and ensure we are prepared for fully collaborative working practices in line with specific client requirements. Using our primary BIM authoring software Tekla Structures, which is aligned to our in house manufacturing processes we have developed our comprehensive BIM object library available for download.

Login in to our BIM section to obtain: –

  • Data sheets
  • 3D Models
  • IFC Files



Contact the sales team on 01642 233299 or email sales (at) lk-uk [dot] com where an adviser would be happy to help.

Alternatively visit our FAQ page.