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Safelock is the most slip resistant steel flooring in the Lionweld Kennedy range. Due to the double serration, Safelock is used in the most extreme conditions where slip resistance is vital such as oil rigs or other areas where lubricants are regularly used.

Safelock load bearing bars are machine serrated as standard to provide optimum slip resistance. and to enable machine serrations in both directions (double serrated), the transverse bars are made from 13mm x 13mm x 3mm inverted angles and then pressure locked into the load bearing bars.

Safelock Product Selector

Option 1: Click the link to use our Safelock Product Selector

Option 2: Contact our Technical team with the following information

  • Ball Proof Requirements
  • Loading Criteria
  • Maximum Clear Span (open area between supports)
  • Select your finish (self colour or galvanised)
  • Drawings (if available)

Ball Proof Requirements

The British standard requires grating to be 35mm or 20mm ball proof, unless there is no risk of people passing beneath the open mesh walkway.  Click here to read our guidance on selecting the correct ball proof requirement for your project.



Ball ProofLoad Bearing bar centres (A)Transverse bar centres (B)
Non-Ball Proof(W) 41mm100mm
35mm ball proof(N) 30mm100mm
20mm Ball Proofn/an/a

Frictional Fixings

Frictional fixings can be used to secure steel grating to the supporting steel work.

The fixing assembly consists of a universal bottom clip (Type 5), M8 hex nut, bolt and a top clip.



steel grating frictional fixing clip
utility grating and 35mm ball proof steel grating fixing clip

Positive fixings

In areas where the grating may be subject to vibration or lateral forces, it may be advisable to utilise a positive fixing clip.


steel grating positive fixing clip
Deep saddle clip with self tapping bolt
welded pad for positive fix
Welded pad


positive fixing for 35mm ball proof grating
Self Tapping stud (35mm BP Grating)


Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Following the government mandate on BIM level 2 requirements throughout the supply chain for all government funded projects, Lionweld Kennedy have built on our existing processes to become fully BIM level 2 compliant. Our internal processes are aligned with the requirements of PAS1192-2:2013 to ensure full BIM compliance and ensure we are prepared for fully collaborative working practices in line with specific client requirements. Using our primary BIM authoring software Tekla Structures, which is aligned to our in house manufacturing processes we have developed our comprehensive BIM object library available for download.

Login in to our BIM section to obtain: –

  • Data sheets
  • 3D Models
  • IFC Files



Contact the sales team on 01642 233299 or email sales (at) lk-uk [dot] com where an adviser would be happy to help.

Alternatively visit our FAQ page.