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Safety Grating

Safety Grating is a variation of safegrid grating designed to prevent a 15mm ball from passing through the gratings. The 6mm twisted transverse bars are usually spaced at 100mm centres and a 6mm round bar is welded to the underside to close the gap between the load bearing bars, preventing small objects such as nuts and bolts from passing through the grating.


Safety Grating was originally designed for the offshore industry to satisfy requirements for use in the petroleum activities of the Norwegian sector, however Safety Grating is now used in varying applications where open grid flooring is installed above an existing thoroughfare.


Where 35mm or 20mm ball proof grating is required you should consider our safegrid grating.

Ball Proof Requirements

Norsok standards statement from Alistair

Safety Grating
Base GratingTransverse Bar CentresMax Opening
35BP50, 125 (mm)12.8mm

How to specify Safety Grating

Option 1: click our Safety Grating product specification tool and enter your parameters.

Option 2: Contact our technical department with the following information.

  1. Ball Proof Requirements
  2. Loading Criteria
  3. Maximum Clear Span (open area between supports)
  4. Select your surface type (plain or serrated)
  5. Select your finish (self colour or galvanised)
  6. Drawings (if available)
25x5Rolled SerratedGalvanized

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Following the government mandate on BIM level 2 requirements throughout the supply chain for all government funded projects, Lionweld Kennedy have built on our existing processes to become fully BIM level 2 compliant. Our internal processes are aligned with the requirements of PAS1192-2:2013 to ensure full BIM compliance and ensure we are prepared for fully collaborative working practices in line with specific client requirements. Using our primary BIM authoring software Tekla Structures, which is aligned to our in house manufacturing processes we have developed our comprehensive BIM object library available for download.

Login in to our BIM section to obtain: –

  • Data sheets
  • 3D Models
  • IFC Files



Click here to find more information. Alternatively, you can call 01642 233299 where an advisor would be happy to help.