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We offer a range of fixtures and fittings, to allow our products to be appropriately installed on site.

Frictional fixings are just one of the options we offer that can be used to secure the steel grating to the supporting steelwork.

We can offer the following steel grating fixings:

  • Type 5 assembly suitable for 35mm ballproof (35BP) and Safegrid Utility Grating.
  • Type 5-20BP should only be used with our 20mm ballproof (20BP) range.
  • Panel Joiner can be interchangeable to suit all variants of our open mesh steel flooring.

Please contact us if you need any support with selecting the correct fixtures.




Type 5

A Type 5 assembly is made up of three major components which have a Type 5 bottom, M8 bolt assembly and a saddle top clip. Giving an extra safety element within the installation of our 35mm ballproof (35BP) and Utility Grating products.


Type 5-20BP

A Type 5-20BP assembly is made up of three major components which are a unique Type 5 bottom, an M8 bolt assembly and a narrow top clip, specifically manufactured to result in a simpler installation process of our 20mm ballproof (20BP) grating.

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Panel Joining Clip

A panel joining clip assembly is made up of five major components which are the panel joiner, two M8 bolt assemblies and two top clips which can be interchangeable to both the saddle top clip and narrow top clip to accommodate all our Safegrid grating options.

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