GRP plank flooring with interlocking tongue and groove for specialist applications.

GRP Flowgrip

Lionweld Kennedy Flowgrip plank flooring is a pultruded, one piece construction, interlocking tongue and groove flooring system for large spans and specialist applications.

Flowgrip Pultruded GRP decking panels are a lightweight and durable solution for walkways, platforms, ballast board and noise barriers while also being a long-lasting choice for many other industrial flooring applications.

When to use GRP Flowgrip Flooring

Used where solid flooring is required for odour control or for dropped object protection. Flowgrip is also available with a slotted top surface if drainage is required, making Flowgrip suitable for various applications.

The Isophthalic Polyester Grating panels are suitable for general use where factors such as high-strength, non-conductive, lightweight, and corrosion-resistance need to be considered.

Flowgrip panels are up to 50% lighter than steel. The panels are finished in a hard-wearing anti-slip gritted surface – compliant with National and Internationally recognised standards.

GRP Products & Services

We provide an array of GRP products as well as a custom design, fabrication and installation services to ensure you achieve to correct solution for your project.

Flowgrip is sold in Northern Ireland by our partner company Redman Fisher under the same name.


Available in a range of depths and with solid or slotted top surface options

Flowgrip is available in two different resin types – polyester or vinylester – to suit your requirements, both of which offer excellent slip resistance.


Flowgrip is available in 38mm deep panels in both solid and slotted top options.

Panel sizes are a standard 500mm x 6000mm.


Flowgrip is available in Light Grey RAL 7040.


The main benefits to selecting Flowgrip include:

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent slip resistance
  • Low life cycle costs
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