Sustainable and compliant. The ideal solution for large areas of flooring within industrial and commercial buildings.


Versatile, quick to install, modify and remove.

With an extremely high performance to weight ratio, it is low carbon and infinitely recyclable.

Safegrid from Lionweld Kennedy is the industry standard for steel grated open mesh flooring, having been manufactured in the UK for over 100 years.

Our range of products are available in plain top or serrated for extra slip resistance.



Complying with both UK and EU Standards for Ball Proof requirements.

At Lionweld Kennedy we believe it is our duty to educate, inform and support the industries we serve with knowledge on how best to optimise the many uses of steel grated flooring.

Which is why we only recommend 3 variants within our range. These should cover every possible application and comply with both UK and EU Standards for Ball Proof Requirements.

These are designed, determined, named, and selected based on the maximum permissible opening between the steel bars. I.e., How large a sphere can pass through the flooring.

The decision of which to use is based on the health and safety factor of how much traffic will pass underneath and how frequently?

The purpose of the requirement is to provide protection from falling objects to people who may be below the grating.

Read our article on ball proofing and product definition.


To be used where a walkway is in constant use, traffic may pass regularly beneath or where people work below.

Used for platforms, walkways, landings, stairs and fire escapes. The smallest opening we offer and designed to not allow the passage of a 20mm diameter sphere.


To be used for access where a walkway is in occasional use, traffic may pass occasionally beneath and where there are no people working below.

Used for platforms, walkways, landings and stairs. Designed not to allow the passage of a 35mm diameter sphere.


To be used for walkways below head height and where people cannot pass underneath.

Used for access, walkways, shelving and fencing. Non-ball proof and has the widest opening.

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