Continuously supporting the wider built environment.

There are a multitude of applications across all types of construction projects that we support.

We provide solutions in steel and GRP to Principal Contractors and Structural Steel companies for frameworks, risers, flooring, platforms and stairs.

We provide custom fabricated structures that are lightweight, strong, sustainable, safe and slip-resistant.

Whether you require supply only or our complete design and installation service, using the right resources to find the most sustainable and efficient solution is essential and we can help you do that

Why choose LK for Construction?


  • Construction sector experts with industry knowledge, accreditations, and experience
  • Design, manufacture, fabricate and installation services for a complete service
  • Selected partner to solve problems and design effective solutions

What Do We Do? 

We can supply a wide range of high-quality steel and GRP products to suit various projects in a number of different industries. Our work on stadiums has spanned many well-known sports teams with exceptional sporting facilities that we have contributed to. Our work on these stadium projects includes:


Just as crucial as the walkways in the belly of the stadium, steel walkways on the roof structure of stadiums and other large structures are vital to ensuring the safety of workers at height. Our industry-leading steel and GRP walkways provide a safe, reliable and compliant solution. Find out more about our ball proof compliant products

Our steel walkways have been used in many well-known projects like Old Trafford and the Riverside Stadium.


A  strong, high-quality handrail is one of the most important safety features for use in in a stadium or arena. Our handrail systems includes handrails, handrail stanchions, gates, ladders and barriers and all are designed to BS4592 and BSEN ISO14122 to ensure the safety of workers, spectators or the public (depending on the project). 

Vomitory Stairs

Vomitory stairs are a key to space management in a stadium environment. They allow safe and secure seating while keeping an open space inside the stadium for safe footfall. We have supplied many high-profile projects with vomitory stairs, notably the capacity expansion at Manchester United’s Old Trafford Stadium. Our state-of-the-art fabrication and design methods provide a reliable and safe staircase for stadiums, capable of easily withstanding large crowds.

Press Platforms

Signature platforms and handrails are not only created for walkways. Press platforms are essential sections of stadiums. Our press platforms utilise our Safedeck flooring and Saferail to ensure a strong and safe area for members of the press to enjoy any event. 


A critical feature that almost all stadiums and arenas possess is the turnstile. Turnstiles provide security, safety and crowd control advantages that can be delivered with traditional doors, making them extremely popular in stadiums worldwide. Turnstiles manufactured with our steel are strong, safe, sustaianable and built to last.

How Can We Help You?

Here at Lionweld Kennedy, we are the UK’s leading manufacturer of steel products for stadiums and arenas. If you’re taking up a large project and want to know how we can help you, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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