Access and maintenance for water treatment and other utilities services

Our products in both steel and GRP feature in water treatment works and power plants across the United Kingdom.

Large scale fabricated structures are designed, manufactured, and installed by our expert teams to create walkways, platforms, ladders, stair landings and handrails.

The upkeep of these types of facilities requires round the clock access to maintain uninterrupted supply and the safety of the teams involved.

But it’s not all about access. We also often create and supply blast screens, covers, and bridges to keep people and odours out, providing protection and security.

We can also project manage the installation of these often incredibly heavy and complex structures requiring specialist equipment and cranes to position on site.

Why choose LK for Utilities?


  • Utilities sector experts with industry knowledge, accreditations, and experience
  • Design, manufacture, fabricate and installation services for a complete service
  • Selected partner to solve problems and design effective solutions

Which Products Are Recommended?

All our steel products are UK manufactured to British and European standards, providing a safe solution to suit the requirements of the utilities industry. The following products are recommended:

  • Handrails

  • Steel grating

  • GRP grating

  • Blast screens

  • Ladders

  • Stair treads

  • Gates

  • Barrier rails

What Services Do We Offer?


We know our products better than anyone else. Over 100 years of experience makes us the best at what we do. We expertly design our products to meet the requirements of your project and install them for you, if required.


We are the only UK manufacturer of steel flooring, including our Safegrid open mesh steel flooring. We offer industry-leading solutions through our team of experts and can manufacture completely custom products to suit even the most complex requirements.


No two projects are the same. We fabricate specific products based on your requirements, all to the most stringent quality and safety standards.


We know our products better than anyone, making us the best people to install them for you. As well as manufacturing your custom flooring, whether in steel or GRP, our expert team will come and fit it too.

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