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Saferail is an industrial handrailing system used extensively throughout the UK in a wide variety of industries and applications. 

A component of our complete access solutions range, our Saferail handrail system is designed to meet the requirements of BS4592-0: 2006+A1:2012 & BS EN IS0 14122-3 2016.

Our system consists of a minimum of two horizontal rails and a vertical stanchion. Our stanchions are 1100mm high from the walking level for platform handrails and 900mm for stair handrails. The stanchion section sizes and spacing are determined by the required loading of either a general duty loading of 0.36kn/m or a heavy duty loading of 0.74kn/m.

Our Saferail handrail system includes a toe plate, either attached to the stanchions, flooring or steelwork, with a minimum upstand above walking level of 100mm, for platform handrail only. The maximum opening on any part of the system does not exceed 500mm.


Steel stanchions, baseplates and handrails, available in modular sections or fully fabricated.

Stanchions are upright solid welded or tubular steel posts allowing handrail to be passed through. Lionweld Kennedy stanchions are supplied with a range of base plates which enable easy connection to steel and concrete platforms.

Modular sections of handrail are available to replace existing components. They include ramp bends, return bends, 90 degree angles and straight lengths.

For more complex projects, Lionweld Kennedy offers a full design, fabrication and installation service for handrail systems manufactured for your specific requirements.

View our Saferail Data & Downloads for more information.


Comprising of standard handrail components including stanchions, complete with base plates and pre-formed standard bends for site fitting.


The handrail and stanchions will be fully fabricated in accordance with the general arrangement drawing, complete with identification marks for easy erection.


Supplied as a fully welded construction in individual frames, suitable for more hostile environments, such as coastal or offshore projects.

Projects featuring our Saferail handrailing systems

We have designed, manufactured, fabricated and supplied our handrailing systems of a range of clients across the UK including: 

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Our full Saferail product range is now available to download.

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