Handrails, gates and barriers in sustainable steel.


Saferail is a steel industrial handrailing system that has been extensively used throughout the UK in a wide variety of sectors such as power, petrochemical, factories, oil & gas, rail and industrial fire escape stairs.

As part of our complete access solutions range, Saferail provides options for barriers, handrails, gates and ladders.It is hugely versatile and can be used in many construction projects, alongside all types of flooring.

Saferail can be provided as a fully fabricated system or in standard modular shapes to allow simple handrails systems to be pieced together with the support of tubular or solid bar handrail stanchions.

The range consists of handrail stanchions, handrail, gates, kick flat and a range of fixings and connectors, all designed in accordance with BS4592 and BSEN ISO14122

To complete the range, heavy duty welded barrier rail is also available.

Saferail is sold in Northern Ireland by our partner company Redman Fisher under the same name.


Steel stanchions, baseplates and handrails, in modular sections or fully fabricated.

Stanchions are upright solid forged or tubular steel posts allowing a horizontal rail to be passed through for easy usability and structural integrity. Lionweld Kennedy stanchions come with various base plate options to allow the rail to be secured into position at various angles.

Modular sections of handrail are available in various shapes and sizes to allow handrail to be pieced together for standard requirements. These include ramp bend, return bend, 90 degree angle and straight length.

However, for more complex projects, Lionweld Kennedy offers a full fabrication service allowing for handrail systems to be constructed for your specific requirements.

As always you can rely on our expertise to help you select the correct handrail system for your needs as well as guidance on installation. We have handrails for light and heavy-duty environments, meaning whether you’re on-site or offshore, you’ll be able to find the perfect Saferail system to suit your project brief. 

View our Saferail Data & Downloads for more information.


Tubular stanchions are available in a variety of shank size, ball size and rail size options.

Sections of handrail are then added through the ball centres in any straight lengths or a choice of bends.

Finally a base plate is added depending on whether the handrail will be attached side, flat or angled to the flooring or kick plate.


For more complicated handrail systems, contact us to create a specific fabricated system.

Manufactured and piece marked to your requirements.


Barrier rail is supplied as fully welded frame fabricated to your own requirements.

This system is predominantly used in extreme environments such as offshore and wind turbines.

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