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At Lionweld Kennedy we make it our business to know our products and how to use them better than anyone else.

This also means we are the best people to design your project, using our products to meet your requirements for health & safety, cost efficiency, sustainability, access and loads, to name but a few.

Our experienced team of designers and draughtsmen will consider every aspect of your design and installation needs, optimising all the benefits of LK products.

We have successfully designed thousands of one-off fabrications plus projects of thousands of square feet incorporating flooring, handrails and stair treads.

The Expertise You Need

The factors that affect the flooring selection should be considered as early as possible in the overall design process.

The impact of these decisions extends beyond just the flooring. It can either benefit or be detrimental to other key areas, such as the spacing of structural beams.

Some early design decisions will significantly influence the final floor requirements. Any disconnect between the structural design and flooring considerations could lead to the need for additional trimming steel or a heavier than necessary floor.

Our knowledge and expertise about British and European standards, our product’s environmental impact, and our 100-year heritage make us your expert partner.

We can perfectly design and manufacture any Steel or GRP products for your project and ensure that these products comply with British and European Standards as well as ball proof compliance

The earlier our team can support you in making these decisions, the more cohesive your overall design and achievement of objectives will be.

Partnership with Architects and Specifiers

We speak your language. We share your desire to deliver an outstanding project for the end user.

We make our product technical data sheets available on our website, and via NBS. We supply TEKLA files and have RIBA accreditation.

We are the experts in understanding compliancy and sustainability which are all key drivers for projects within the construction sector.

We will support you to ensure that your project meets all the requirements of the British and European Standards in areas such as ball proof, deflection, slip resistance and loadings.

For industrial and commercial projects of any size, choose Lionweld to be your flooring partner of choice.

Want to Know More? 

If you’re looking for a specialist team to help you with the design and fabrication of your next installation project, Lionweld Kennedy are here to help. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our fantastic design services. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

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