Lionweld Kennedy continue to raise the standards within the manufacturing industry as we make large strides to improving our process and quality within our operations. We are excited to announce the delivery of a state-of-the-art CNC Grating Shear machine by Clifford Machines and Technology which will be integrated into our fabricated steel grating production process.

Grating shear machine being delivered in our factory.

The new machine will largely improve our production line, allowing for faster cutting of steel grating of programmable lengths which will improve flexibility and quality of the cut. Lifelong and reusable blades will produce a safer and more efficient cut, reducing noise, time and waste associated with traditional friction saw operation.


In this article, we are looking into the benefits of our new grating shear machine and how it fosters our commitment to improving our operations for a more sustainable future.


Improvements to Quality


Cutting with the previous friction saw involved a thick cutting blade, rotating at high speeds being driven through the panel which causes vibration induced stress or fatigue in the individual load bars. On some of our heavier panels, particularly our serrated grating, the stress in the bars can cause the panel to weaken or break the weld, requiring the fault to be repaired or scrapped. This method would also result in sharp edges due to the harsh cut which presented a health and safety issue, meaning Lionweld’s saw men spent excessive time cleaning and de-burring the edges of our panels.


However, with our investment, the new machine produces a closer, and cleaner, cut of the panels. During the shearing process, there is no hot sparking meaning no dust creation, therefore no requirement for additional waste removal or ventilation. There is also no induced vibration stress within the panels, removing possibility for breakages or weakening within the panel which highly improves the quality and efficiency within our production.


The improved technology of the grating shear technology will reduce energy consumption, through running a highly efficient process. Reducing waste generation and improving the working environment leads to higher quality production of our steel grating.


Noise Reduction


The preexisting frictional saws were extremely loud and we’re uncomfortably high for a modern working environment and extremely close to the maximum acceptable level which is why this upgrade was a prerogative for Lionweld Kennedy. The preferred solution was to upgrade to a quieter, therefore safer, machine. This provides increased health and safety standards for our employees who will be working closely with the machine, decreasing the maximum dBA and creating a safer working environment.


Increased Productivity


The new grating shear machine will increase cutting time by 3 times, compared to the preexisting frictional saws which often became a bottleneck for production. This investment will allow for leaner manufacturing and improved overall efficiency for our production process.


Improving Finances


Safegrid is our flagship product and is created in high quantities in our factory and is expected to increase in the coming year. Currently, to create our panels, Lionweld Kennedy have two friction saws is costly per cut. The new CNC Grating Shear machine is capable of handling previous and increased production in a more cost efficient way with reduced costs per use.


Waste Reduction


In our previous production with the friction saws, the harsh cutting would lead to unnecessary steel waste of 20 to 30 tonnes from material removed in the sawing process. In addition, it would also produce a substance called ‘mill scale’ which is a fine dust and a type of iron oxide that forms on the surface of steel during the hot-rolling process. The new CNC Grating Shear machine will produce little to no waste, overall reducing our carbon footprint.


The investment of this new machinery is a large stride within our sustainable journey as we look closer into our production to find opportunities for improving efficiency. Lionweld Kennedy continue to raise the standards within the manufacturing industry, moving towards a more sustainable future through initiatives like this.


For more information on Lionweld Kennedy’s sustainability journey, click here to see our ESG and carbon reduction journey.

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